Thursday, January 1, 2009

Letters and Sounds

The other day I came downstairs, after getting ready for the day, to find the backdoor open and Madi talking to Payton. She was drawing these upper and lowercase letters. She was saying "Payton, this is an F. Say it. It says /f/. What does the F say?" Payton was playing along repeating the letters and sounds. It was so cute. It would make any teacher proud. Especially if the teacher happened to be the little girls mother. :) Of course I ran as quickly as I could to get the camera and by the time I got back, Payton was on the bike and Madi on the slide. I made Madi come back and repeat it for me. I hope you enjoy my little shinning star!

Later I noticed that she wrote all the letters in fox, just not in order. Wow, I wonder where she learned how to spell fox. She writes her name. But she will write Mad, then put the i in the front, the s behind, the o under. (You get the picture). We are practicing writing in a straight line. She is really making her mother proud!

Of course Payton wanted her shinning moment. She is getting very good at identifying numbers and a few letters. She is also very good at coloring pictures. She colors the pictures all the way in with just a very few marks out. She is always asking to color. The nursery leader commented that Payton was a good colorer because of me being a teacher. I think it has nothing to do with me. Payton has OCD or something. I watched her eat a bag of fruit snacks the others day and she lined up the bag by color, then ate all the colors with the fewest, to the largest number. Wow! She can never stop anything half way through. She has to be done or she has a melt down if I pull her away. I love watching my girls grow.


Amy said...

That sounds like OCD to me. I've got an OCD kid too. Everything needs to be put in a certain spot. I hope you guys had a happy new year!

Melanie said...

Cute. I can't get Zoe to color. She's just SO not interested in it.