Monday, February 23, 2009


I know that I have said this in the past, but it blows me away how different my girls are. Here are some examples....

Car rides

  • Madi- "Mom, I love trees. Why Madi? Because trees have leaves and I love to pull leaves off of the trees when the branch is low to the ground."
  • Payton- "Mom when I grow up I want to be a princess. Daddy will be the prince and you will be the witch.

Birthday Party Themes

  • Madi- Star Wars Clone Wars
  • Payton- Princess

Past time activities

  • Madi- video games
  • Payton- coloring and reading a book (she has one in her hands at all time, while we are home. She even sleeps with a book each night.)

T.V. Shows or Movies

  • Madi- "Ben 10" and "Star Wars Clone Wars"
  • Payton- "Sleeping Beauty," Enchanted," The Little Mermaid," etc. you get the picture.


  • Madi- easy going, pouts for a minute and then moves on
  • Payton- drama queen. Stubborn beyond degree

Toy pick at the Dollar Store

  • Madi- Frankenstein
  • Payton- Sleeping Beauty

I know that each child is different. I just think it is funny how Madi is such a tom-boy and Payton is a girly girl. Only 18 months separate the two. The good thing is that they are the best of friends. They get along so well. Of course they have there moments, but hey, I do too.

Friday, February 20, 2009

On Wednesday it was my brother-in-laws birthday. I meant to have the girls call him and sing to him, but it never happened. I remembered last night when I was babysitting some extra kids so I had all of them singing. For some reason they sang it really slow. Scott, I hope you can still enjoy it! Happy 26th Birthday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Weekend

The girls and I had a great Valentines Weekend. It started off a bit rocky, but it ended well. Our plan was to leave for Phoenix after work on Friday. But, on Thursday afternoon Payton kept wetting her panties. I decided if she wet her bed I needed to be worried. She did. So I called in sick and brought Payton to the doctor. It ended up that she has a bladder and yeast infection. With school covered and medicine in hand, we drove to Phoenix and got there 4 fours earlier then we planned. It was a great drive. There was traffic, but the girls were great. Greg's family was very welcoming. It was great to see some of Greg's sisters and brother that I have not seen in a long time. On Saturday Greg's nephew Cole was baptized. The girls keep talking about the pool in the church (they had no idea their was a font before Saturday). It was very nice to witness Cole become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We then ate all weekend. Stephanie makes the best food and I always gain weight while I am there. I overeat every time. Who can help it when there is yummy dinner and treats. We made it home today, found all is well. Here are a few pictures from our adventure...

Madi, Payton and cousins watching "Madagascar 2"

Payton ate more then 20 strawberries this weekend. Every time I turned around she had a red mouth.
I really couldn't get her to stop jumping and screaming, so her pictures turned out funny. Oh, well.
Driving over Hoover Dam is always slow going, so I decided to take a picture of Payton yelling "Look it's Crocodile Lake!"
"Hey what's the deal? Give me the camera (Payton says)"
Payton's view of the dam.
Madi's view of the dam.
I actually thought Payton did a good job with this picture. These towers have Arizona and Nevada time on them.
Another Madi picture (we were taking turns with the camera)
To end I thought I would share a Madi moment. (I was not around when it was said, but here is the gist of the conversation.) Madi walks out of the bathroom and tells her Aunt Megan that she likes poop. Megan asks why. She says because it is warm and soft.

Wow, my girl has some strange logic. But, I got a good laugh out of it.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Just a little update...

Payton is doing better, but we have our moments. Madi is taking everything like a pro. She is so amazing. She really keeps me on track. She is getting herself ready in the mornings and she even brushes her teeth without me asking. She will bring me her toothbrush and say "your turn to finish my teeth." I can't complain. She is coming home from school with new skills. She loves to rhyme and identify the first sound in words. Her most creative rhyme was Danita-Quesadilla. I laughed so hard. Last Saturday I was busy painting, so the dinner dishes did not make it into the dishwasher, then breakfast, and lunch stacked up. By dinner time on Sunday, the sink was full. Madi came up to me and said, "mom you really need to do those dishes. The sink is full." Oh that little bugger. When can she do the dishes? I wanted just a little break from the dishes, but I guess Madi thought other wise. (also shows how often my sink is full of dishes, hardly ever).

One morning this week I thought the girls looked so cute, so I took this picture. It is random, but I thought it was cute.
Last Saturday Madi wanted to do something fun. I suggested we paint the bathroom. She looked at me and said, "but daddy doesn't let me paint the walls." I told her we wouldn't tell daddy. She took a quick nap and then we set to work painting. My grout (sp? you know the gritty stuff that holds the tiles in place) now has a lot of paint in it. Any ideas how to get the paint off?
Payton loved painting the bathroom. She was really good about giving Madi a turn to paint.

Our new blue bathroom!
Madi had a hard day today. She went to the dentist and got a crown and a cavity filled. She is telling everyone that she got a new silver tooth today. Hopefully she will go back easily for more crowns in the next few weeks.
I was on the phone and I turned around and Madi and Payton had gotten a hold of some sample lipstick. I asked her to pucker her lips for me. I guess we need to learn how to put lipstick on better, it was all around their lips :)
I wanted to end with this picture of Payton because I thought the red hair and blue eyes just shined in this picture. Not to mention the lipstick all over her lips.

I think I have figured out how to balance my girls life. The girls have to go to bed at 8, no later. I also think that I need to spend more time with them at home playing games or watching a movie curled up on the couch. Playing at the park or shopping with them is not spending time with them. Even though I love to be on the move.

Well, sorry this post was very random. I guess that is how I feel right now.