Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My mom, dad, sister Sarah and brothers James and William came down to visit us for Christmas. We had a ton of fun with them. We stayed very busy.

My parents watched the girls one night so Greg and I could go and celebrate our 7th anniversary. It was so nice spending time with Greg.

We all went to M&M World, and some went to the Phantom of the Opera (which I already mentioned).
Payton is wearing the tutu that grandma bought her in a little German town in WA called Leavenworth. It has the word "Princess" in rhinestones.
Madi in her tutu. She loves the color purple. She was sick this day with a 101 degree fever. She was actually sick Monday- Friday. She ran a fever Monday and Tuesday, then threw up constantly Wed-Friday. Poor girl missed a lot. She and I stayed home on Christmas Eve, while the rest of the family went to see the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur. We also missed seeing the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. Madi did not eat anything all week. She couldn't even keep down water. I am surprised she did not dehydrate.

We also say many movies last week. We saw "The Tale of Despereaux," "Twilight (It is sad to say that it was my third time!), "BedTime Stories", and "Yes Man." Obviously I like "Twilght." All the movies were good, but "Bedtime Stories" was probably my favorite.

Christmas Day!
Santa Claus filled my stocking too full. (It's the red one on the side) So he thought it would be funny to hang my new bras on the hook instead. Very funny Santa!!
I love this picture of Madi because she was so sick, but she mustard up enough energy to be excited about Walle (we haven't even watched it yet?!)
If you notice my Madi is into video games, board games, and Star Wars. I think it is fun how different the two girls are.
Payton on the other hand got all pink stuff. Princess tent, Princess bed, Sleeping beauty doll and dress up clothes. She is definitely a girly girl.
Here is Christmas dinner. It is a McClellan tradition to eat Prime Rib on Christmas. It was topped off with rolls, mashed potatoes, a relish tray, and sherbert punch. Yummy.
My little Madi finally feels better. She loves this new lion towel.
The best part about parents are their willingness to help their children. Since we moved into our new house, we have had to skip out on a few wants. But my parents came to the rescue and bought us this chandelier for our kitchen, a garage remote, and curtains for my bedroom. Now I don't have to have a blanket over the window in my room. Not to mention the new drinking glasses, silverware, and rice cooker. I can't wait until they come visit again. I need my floor boards painted (just kidding). That is a project I plan on doing really soon.

It was a fun Christmas. I am still trying to recover from all of the busy days. I am trying to slow down this week by staying home. Do I really have to go back to work in 6 days?! How many days until Summer break?


Melanie said...

Poor Madi! What a horrible week to be sick. I'm glad she's feeling better though. Santa always makes things better, right? Nice bras by the way!