Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thank You Anna!

Aunt Anna is coming for a week to help us. Friday, late afternoon, Greg got a call from his commander (Sargent, who knows, someone military) that he needed to report Monday at 8 AM. He has to be in a training at Nellis Air force base from 8-3 Monday-Friday. Greg watches the girls everyday since I work days. Luckily I have an awesome, very helpful family. Anna agreed to fly down and stay with the girls during the day all week. We decided to bake Anna some yummy sugar cookies for her willingness to come.
Payton choose the color orange, so she got to put icing on the pumpkins!
Red sprinkles! Can you tell I have lots of Christmas sprinkles:)
Madi's favorite color is purple, so she put icing on the cats and bats!
Notice the icing on her upper lip, she couldn't stop licking the knife. (Beware Anna of the purple cookies) Of course that is the best part of baking, licking the beater, spoon, etc.
Thank you Anna for coming to help us!


Amy said...

Maybe I should fly down just for the sugar cookies! I wish...that was sure great of Anna to help out. Thank goodness for family.

stylist to the stars said...

THat is great thet your family is coming to help. The girls did a great job on the cookies.
Good Luck Greg!