Thursday, September 18, 2008

I've been tagged

I look at my friend, Tara's blog everyday. Yesterday I realized that I had been tagged on her blog. So here it goes.

The place I want to visit most:

I know that I am an adult, but I love Disneyland. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love the fall season and all that it involves. I just found out last week that Disneyland has a special Halloween season. I begged Greg to go. This year won't work, but hopefully we will be there next year.

My Kitchen Sink:
Not too bad, is it? I like a clean sink. Plus, yesterday we were out late so we stopped by Burger King on the way home, so there are no dirty dishes.

My refrigerator:

I love my refrigerator. I love the freezer on the bottom. In my old apartment I hated my freezer. I was always dropping things on the floor. I never dropped things on the girl's heads or my feet, but there were some pretty close calls. The fridge is very spacious.

The main bathroom:
The main bathroom is down stairs and is used and abused by the girls. It also needs to be remodeled. It has no color. One day I will paint it.

My Favorite Room in the house:

I can't decide between the girl's room and the kitchen. I love to cook. I don't always feel up to cooking, but I love to when I have the energy. I also love to bake sweets. But, the girl's room is the one we have spent the most time on in our new house. We painted the walls, bought a rug, and paintings. The furniture even matches.

My closet:
My closet takes up one whole wall in our bedroom. The closet is behind three big mirrored doors. I opened one of them for you.

My Kids:
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My girls love to eat toast with cinnamon, it's a new favorite in our house.

Self Portrait:
Wow, I look tired. To bad today is only Thursday. One more work day to go.

My Favorite Shoes:
I love to watch What not to Wear on TLC. They are always talking about how pointy shoes elongate the legs. I decided to try it out. I bought these red shoes and they are actually comfortable. Plus, every girl needs red shoes.

My laundry Room:
My washer and dryer are outside in the garage. It is very hard to do laundry because I have to move the cars to do the laundry. I can't even just grab one thing out of the dryer without opening the garage door and moving the Pilot.

There you have it. I tag Anna and anyone else who has time to do this. Happy hunting!


Tara L. said...

Good Job Michelle, Pete has been making fun of my post since I posted it.