Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Madison started preschool yesterday at the public school that we are zoned for. She is in a special ed. classroom and she was put in as a typical peer. Meaning she is typical developing. She is doing well, but her teacher says that she is very energetic. I think that is putting it nicely. I guess today as they were putting the kids on the bus, Madi ran off and stuck her nose in the exhaust pipe of the bus. I am not surprised, she still puts everything in her mouth. I am glad that she could be in this class. I really think it will help her when she goes to kindergarten next year. I will bring her to my school and there are about 27 kids in the full day kindergarten classrooms (that is with no aid, I will never teach kindergarten). (Right now the fourth grade teachers have 38 kids, you should see the line, it is as long as the side of the MP room.)
The family is relaxing after a long day at work and school!! Madi is not getting her usual nap since she is in the afternoon preschool class. This morning she slept in until 7:00A.M. This is the girl who usually gets a 2 hour nap and sleeps from 8-6. When she was still sleeping at 6:30. my first thought was that something was wrong, but then I pushed my paranoid fear away and reminded myself that she needs it since she is no longer getting a nap. I will miss those days terribly (the naps I mean).


Melanie said...

I think it's really funny that Madi stuck her nose in the exhaust pipe. I think if I were her teacher I might have laughed. Maybe it's a good thing I'm not a teacher. :)