Sunday, September 14, 2008

Madi and Star Wars

A couple of months ago Greg introduced Madison to his Star Wars Legos Xbox 360 game. Ever since Madi has been hooked. We counted down the days until the Clone Wars movie came out. She told me last week that she wanted to be Princess Leah for Halloween. Yesterday at Savers she saw a storm trooper costume and now that is her new Halloween love (she will not be a storm trooper, I put my foot down on that.) She saw Greg's Star Wars movies and has been begging to watch them for weeks now. We keep telling her that they are for mommies and daddies. Yesterday I finally gave into her and let her watch one. This morning she asked if she could watch "Master Yoda." I told her OK. I got both girls ready for church and then I was getting ready. I went past the playroom and this is what I found.
Why do kids feel like they have to sit so close to the T.V. screen. Maybe it is because this is the ending climax fight of the movie. She feels she can't miss a second.
Madison still does not realize that I am taking her picture.

Madi finally realizes I am taking a picture and tilts her head a little towards me, not taking her eyes off the T.V.

Now Madison is counting down the days until Batman Legos comes out. I can't wait to see what comes of that. The new Batman movie is definitely a mommy and daddy movie!


Logan Family said...

Those girls are so funny!! I can totally see Madi wanting to be a Storm Trooper. And you're right, Dark Knight is definitely a Mommy and Daddy movie...