Sunday, September 7, 2008

Relaxing Sundays

This week, like many, was extremely busy. It is always nice when Sundays come along. We don't have to do much, just sit at church. My favorite season is Fall. The weather is just barely starting to cool off now (it is in the 90's and that feels nice, how sad). The girls and I decided to go out on the patio this afternoon. Payton loves to draw with chalk. She is starting to draw recognizable pictures.
The older Madi gets the more she can do. I know it is an obvious thing, but as I watch Madi ride this bike I think about all the other things that she can now do, like count, identify numbers and certain letters, play go fish, etc. Being a mother is a wonderful job.
Madi took a picture of Payton and I sitting on the patio chair.
Madison took this picture of Payton. I thought it was cute.

Isn't Payton's drawing cute. She said that this was a picture of herself and Madi (later she said they were "ghostests").


Melanie said...

That picture of Madi without her dress on is SO funny. She will die when she gets older and sees it. I love lazy, I mean relaxing, Sundays after church too!!!!!

Team Shelton said...

Hey Michelle!
I found your blog somehow,maybe through Megan D. But anyway I love your new house (congrats!)and your girls are getting so big. I can't believe how big Peyton is. Crazy...but I am sure you already know that.