Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My house

I had a request to post pictures of our new house. So here they are. My down stairs is a big circle, with the stairs, closet and bathroom in the middle. This is our family room. It is in the shape of an L but you can't see the other part. It has a wet bar and the ball pit is currently residing there.

This is my kitchen. It is three sizes bigger then my apartment kitchen. I love it. Now I just need a bigger kitchen table.
The girls playroom is up stairs. The playroom is just that, a playroom, there is always a big mess in there. No one is ever up stairs so I on;y clean it once a week. Oops I think that was a confession.

Madi and Payton's room is purple. Purple is Madi's favorite color. All their clothes are on top of the dresser because I have not cleared out their old, smaller clothes yet. The girls love to read and I cannot keep the books from staying on the ground.

My bedroom was red when we moved in. It probably won't stay red forever. I have three bathrooms. They are old and need bad remodeling. Two are upstairs and one downstairs.

This is our back yard/ patio. The girls love coming back here and since it is enclosed I don't care if they go out when ever they want. The brown wall is the garage. The fence is to my neighbors patio. We love being here. This is more then double the space we have had for the last seven years. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for providing to us.


Melanie said...

Yeah! I love the pictures!

Marne said...

I LOVE your kitchen! I am so happy for you Michelle.

Logan Family said...

FINALLY!!!!! I have been waiting forever to see pictures of your new home! Just kidding! It is great though that you guys have your own home and that the girls have a place to run around!