Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Madison

On Friday night we told Madi that she needed to go to sleep because her party was in the morning. When she woke up she was disappointed that it did not start right away, but we kept her busy until the time. As we sat at the breakfast table, as a family :), we were having a conversation about parties. Payton was talking about how her birthday is near Christmas (her time line is just a few months off). Then Madi said that my party was next. I told her that I probably would not be having a party. She asked why. I told her it would only happen if she threw me a party. She said, "mom I can't throw a party." I asked why not, thinking she might say she was to little and had no money. But yet again she made me laugh out loud when she said, "because if I throw a party it will fall and break and you will be sad." I told her that she was very correct. So here are a few pictures of the party that was thrown at our house, but thankfully did not break.
Madison decided on a Star Wars theme. I was shown a wonderful website with Star Wars party ideas. They had this light saber cake on the website, so we made the cupcakes with strawberry cake (Madi's favorite).
Madi dressed up as Princess Leia.
We started off the party by eating pizza.
Then we played "pin the belt on Darth Vader."
Greg helped guide the kids with blindfolds. We also played Star Wars bingo and had an asteroid hunt.
We ended the day by hitting the Darth Vader pinata.
The pinata would not break. Greg ended up hitting it a few times to get the candy to come out. The kids had never had a pinata before. You could tell. They just sat there and stared at the candy and toys falling. We had to encourage them to run after the candy and even then they just grabbed a few things. It was funny.

Overall I think the party went well. Here we are singing to Madi.

I cannot believe that she is 5 years old. Time goes by so fast! I love this age. I loved Madi as a baby, but life is so much more fun. Even with her attitude and opinions, I love the communication aspect of children. I hope that doesn't sound weird, but I love that I can ask Madi how her day went and she can recall what she did and tell me how she feels. I love you Madison. I hope you have a great year!


Tara L. said...

We had fun. Thanks for inviting us. Happy Birthday Madison. I can't believe she is 5 already.

Jean said...

Madison, you look so cute and sweet.

Marne said...

happy birthday madison!