Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our weekend at a Glance

On Friday we met a friend from work so we could shop and watch a movie in the park at The District at Green Valley Ranch. It was fun, but the weather turned bad so the movie in the park was canceled. Instead we ate dinner in the park and then went on the carousel twice.

Payton on an Elephant and Madi on the frog.Hi Madi

Then on Saturday we went to the water park and then to the Las Vegas outlet mall. The girls needed their yearly set of sandals. Every kid needs sandals in Vegas from about May to October. This year Madi needs shoes with a back strap, for school (she starts Kindergarten in August!! I have already signed her up!!). There is also a carousel at the outlet mall, so of course I had to bring them again. By the way, they are not cheap. $2 a kid x 2 kids x 3 rides each + one really sick mom. This is usually a Greg job, but there are things that I have now had to start doing myself. Madi always tells me she will go by herself because she knows I get sick, but a parent has to accompany kids.My very cute Madi!Payton wanted to sit with me. Do you like her expression? She has a huge yellow gumball in her mouth.Hi Payton!

Madi begged to go back to the movie in the park on Saturday night. Since the weather was better we went. They played "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." Madi enjoyed it, Payton was getting antsy at the end. It is fun, they give out free popcorn and you bring your own blankets to lay on.Here is a picture of Madi laying down right as the credits started. You can kind of see the screen in the back ground. It was a fun, busy weekend. I am always thankful that Sundays are good days to sit and relax.


stylist to the stars said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend :) Can't wait to see guys this summer.

Logan Family said...

I love your girls. They are so fun!

Amy said...

You know how to show the girls a good time!