Saturday, December 19, 2009

Payton's Ballet Recital

Payton had her first ballet recital today. She was very nervous with all the adults in the room. Here is a summary of her behavior during the recital.
First she wouldn't let me put on her shoes. See the frown?! She refuses to smile.
Then she did not want to sit down on the floor near her classmates. She is pouting because the teaching assistant came and got her and set her down behind the line.
She was a stiff body not doing anything. The teacher had to drag her along with every activity. She loves ballet, so it was very much not like her.
Then, oh what can it be? Yes it is! It is Payton performing. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star came on and Payton immediately began to move.
And then the "Me and my teddy bear" song came on and she belted out the words and actions.
Applause for the final position of the song. But, can you imagine what happened next? She went stiff again during the tap dancing part of the recital. I have concluded that she likes the songs she can sing to (she loves to sing). The others she was to self conscience to do. Crazy girl! She and Madi sang a duet in church a couple weeks ago and then she cannot dance in front of 20 adults. Go figure.

Here is a picture of the group.
And here is the final bow for the morning. (sorry the camera timer made me miss the actual bow, this is her right after. Oh, well)


stylist to the stars said...

She looks adorable! Some is better than none?

Logan Family said...

Payton is such a stinker.That's how she was when we brought her to her ballet lesson. She was fine the whole time and then she happened to look out the doors and saw us sitting out there and she got a little shy and forgot about what she was doing. I'm so glad she is doing ballet, though. I bet it makes her feel like a princess! She looks so precious in her balllet outfit!