Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas 2011 part 1

This December has been a crazy one. Life is busy with three kids. Last Sunday we fed the elders and they asked us what our Christmas traditions were. I couldn't think of any. That night as I sat and thought about what we do for Christmas, I realized we hadn't done anything but set up the tree and decorations. So, with only 6 more days until Christmas, we are kicking our Christmas in high gear. Here are some of the pictures from this weekend.
Every year I buy the girls matching Christmas dresses. Greg asked me what I had bought for Iain, and I realized I had not bought him a Christmas outfit. So we went to Sam's Club and found a cute suit for him to wear.

Town Square has a beautiful tree they set up every year with a Norman Rockwell house that Santa sits inside. We go to visit him every year.
Greg and Iain, trying to stay warm.
Payton and I (Madi was running around the tree)
Here is our Christmas picture. I thought it turned out great. I had a fun time looking at the previous years Christmas pictures. The pictures go all the way back to Payton's first Christmas. Wow, Madi, Payton and Iain all look the same in their 3 month pictures. They really are brothers and sisters.

I bought a gingerbread house three weeks ago, but dreaded putting it together. You know the icing, mess and hoping the house stays together. My friend Angie suggested that I hot glue it together. So, I did and it was great! I will never dread it again. We had fun decorating it.
I can't wait for Thursday, Greg and I celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. Then Sunday is Christmas. I am so thankful for the season and the Spirit that is felt as I think about my Savior.